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My partner and I moved in with my 94 year old grandma last year.  She's physically very well  but she has dementia and needs to have someone around all the time.  She is sleeping right now.  :)  

I hate to come along with a problem right away, but I was hoping someone here could offer some advice.  My grandma loves to be in the kitchen. She's always in there, serving herself a big bowl of peanut butter and jam, mixing a big pitcher of rice milk and limeade, making sandwiches and bowls of cereal and planting them all over the house... one time she couldn't find the bread tie so she coated a paper towel in honey and wrapped that around the loaf of bread instead. The wasted food and the grocery bills are getting pretty discouraging. Every time I go in there, the counters and floor are coated in honey and jam.  When she's not in the kitchen she can frequently be found in the laundry room running her hand towels through the machines one at a time.

Keep in mind that this is her kitchen, and has been for at least 50 years.  She does not think of herself as old.  She occasionally asks me how old she is, I tell her, she is flabbergasted, and then she immediately forgets.  She has no idea that she's doing anything out of the ordinary and doesn't like interference so I usually stay in the other room and listen and cringe while she's working, then sneak in and clean it up.  I feel bad when she catches me cleaning up her messes, and the amounts of stuff we waste is kinda horrifying.  I feel strongly about reducing waste in my own life, so this is a little ironic.  I wonder if there's an alternative to just accepting that my grandma has a wasteful, expensive, messy hobby and leave it at that.

Any ideas?  Thanks much.

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