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caregiving's Journal

Help for the Caregivers of the Sick and Disabled
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Caregivers, young or old, experience great stress and often feel isolated. This community was created by a disabled person who has seen how stress has affected the caregivers in her life. This community is for resources, venting, humor, questions, and sympathy.

Disabled people: If there is a caregiver in your life, or there was, or there may be in the future due to increasing difficulties, please consider joining this community if you are sympathetic to their... plight. Yeah, we got big plights, but they got their own.

Everyone: If we start helping, respecting, and learning from each other before we think we need to, we have a chance to prevent so much unnecessary stress and heartache.

Often (and in my case) lack of information and direct communication (no he-said she-said) can cause anything up to a nervous breakdown. Starting in Feb. 2003, I stayed on the floor for a month and a half with a blue weight on my chest, and my caregivers had their own difficulties. You don't want that, trust me.

If you are angry with your caregiver and yes I have been there, you may gently ask for advice here but you must not vent here about your caregiver! Vent in the community for your disability (such as chronic_health) or vent in health crankiness-welcoming communities such as:


Please spread the word about this community. Most people think that non-profits, etc., are only aimed to people with disabilities. I think this is because many people don't realize that they are caregivers, and if they do, they don't know it's a role in life that deserves all kinds of support.

If you have any questions or suggestions (especially search terms to add to the Interests section of this page so people can find us), please contact geekdiva. Thanks!