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Free Social Media Tool for Caregivers presented by


Being a family caregiver takes up time, energy and it can be overwhelming, but how do you organize help? How do you delegate? And what do you do when someone says, "If you need something, just let me know?"

That's why AGIS, one of the web's premier resources for eldercare information and community support, is bringing a new tool for busy caregivers through their CareGroups. CareGroups creates a free social media group calendar that allows several administrators – most likely the primary caregiver(s) – to open, create and invite people to view a calendar of caregiving duties that can help make caregiving easier for everyone involved.

Need someone to take mom to the doctor? A neighbor to help run some errands? Someone to pick up dad's prescription at the pharmacy? You can schedule all of this through this easy-to-use site. With Lotsa Helping Hands CareGroup technology, you coordinate scheduled tasks, find and organize resources, share updates about your loved one's health, post messages, and share photos.

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