taorminese (taorminese) wrote in caregiving,

Need help.

Hallo! I need your help or advice.My little cousin is ill with cancer. He is treated in the hospital of Moscow, Russia. As he is a citizen of Kirghistan the treatment is without any discounts and insurance. Chemotherapy costs about 1000 USD a day. Today he has finished the first course of it. At least another 10 needed.We asked the donation charity organization www.nastenka.ru to help us, they put information on their website http://www.nastenka.ru/Rusver/help.php, I need to spread the information and I do not want people to think that I am a spammer or beggar. If you have any idea how to spread the information or to collect money for the treatment, please write. If you want to help donating there are different options on the charity fund website http://www.nastenka.ru/Engver/rekvisit.html. It is necessary to mention that you donate for Amirchik Saleev. Thank you.
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