silvergoldberry (silvergoldberry) wrote in caregiving,

Caregivers in Pennsylvania watch out!

I just found out about a bill that being snuck through in Harrisburg to EXPAND Estate Recovery in a pathetic effort to balance the state's budget. I'm livid about this.

Basically if you are a caregiver taking care of someone (even your spouse) and they need to receive assistance from Medicare or Medicaid (almost everyone who needs nursing home care these days...unless you are related to Donald Trump or the Rockefellers), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is trying to pass a law saying that even if your home was previously "protected" from Medicare, they will put a lien on it to recover the expenses that were paid. It's known as HB1351.

It used to be the surviving spouse/family/caregivers could still keep the family home/farm under most circumstances, but the thugs in Harrisburg want to change that and make a couple million to help balance the state budget on the backs of the elderly poor and their families.

And HAVE to be poor before you can even qualify for Medicaid, spending almost every dime you have before the Government will help with long term care. And your family home, forget about leaving it to your children, they can't inherit it, they can't finance it and why should you even keep it maintained if there's a Government lien on it?

Together with my husband, I have formed a Political Action Committee and put up a website & blog to start to get the word out. Check it out! spread the word!
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